Another Stitched Snow Globe Ornament with Pretty Felt Poinsietta Flowers

Another Stitched Snow Globe Ornament with Pretty Felt Poinsietta Flowers

Hi my friends! I have another snow globe ornament! hee hee LOL! I love using the supplies I have and stretching my creativity to make what I want. Decided that I wanted to make a few snow globe ornaments this year using my cardmaking supplies. I’ve mentioned in earlier posts that I don’t have a snow globe die set yet but I believe that shouldn’t stop me and I don’t think it should stop you either if you want to make something and you don’t have all the supplies in your arsenal.

You can check out my other snow globe posts as I’ve also made one on an embroidery hoop that turned out really beautiful! In this post, I’m also sharing the felt poinsiettas I made for future projects!

I followed the same procedures to make my snow globe using a circle die from Waffle Flower Crafts and the base comes from Memory Box’s Plush Mitten die set (die cutted 2 circles and 2 bases). I used white felt from Dollar Tree that I doubled for strength. The pink felt for my base comes from my stash and can’t remember when I got it from 🙁

All my felt used is a wool blend, but I also recommend 100% pure wool felt as it is stronger and will keep its shape much better. I’ve linked to some felt sources below.

pictures above are the front of the snow globe

I die cut my poinsiettas from red and green felt. It’s a layering die set so my petals are in different sizes which makes the flower much fuller. I stitched the flower on the front and the back of my snow globe BEFORE I stuffed it with polyfil. It was easier to do it that way.

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I was careful to stitch the flowers from behind the top petals so they’re not seen. As I was stitching both circles together and stuffing, I left a little room at the top for my hanger piece with is a lace ribbon I got from my local Dollar Tree.

pictures above are the back of the snow globe

I loved making those pointsiettas so much that I made 3 more, plan to use these on more plush mitten ornaments!

Another Stitched Snow Globe Ornament with Pretty Felt Poinsietta Flowers

I’m collecting buttons again so used some of them for the centers of my florals! I think it adds a special touch!

Some of the links to the products I used are affiliate links which means that when you shop with them, I’ll receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Your support helps me run my small crafty business. Thank you so much!

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