Product Review: White Glass Craft Mats by Glassboard Studio

Glassboard Studio Floral Craft Mat

Hi my Crafty Friends! Today, I have a different kind of post. I’m sharing a wonderful item that I’ve been using in my craft space that changed my whole crafty life! If you’re a paper crafter, then I’m sure you’ve heard about glass media mats. About 1-1/2 year ago, I was desperately searching all over for a white glass mat and I couldn’t find one. I had a black glass media mat and it worked great but there were a few reasons why I wanted white:

  1. To see the project I was working on more easily
  2. To be able to use different color mediums with my cards like: watercolor paints, alcohol inks, die and archival inks but also be magnitized for ink blending with stencils
  3. To take photos and shoot video reels without glare
  4. To work on a heavier glass mat that wouldn’t shift as I crafted on it; and
  5. To match the color decor/scheme of my craftroom (the space I craft in is designed using white marble, off white with some pink accent colors). And for me, color really affects my mood.

Finally, I learned about Glassboard Studio‘s white glass media mats from another cardmaker. Glassboard Studio is a Utah-based company that started making whiteboards with glass and it soon transitioned into adding beautiful images to them for wall hangings, calendars, planners, vision boards and more. And, now their glassboards are great for us crafty/artsy people!

So, I immediately checked out their website and saw that not only do they have all white mats, but they also have white floral glass craft mats, my heart was so happy, I adore flowers! There are other colors available too, plus, you can customize your own glass craft mat on their website!

Glassboard Studio Floral Craft Mat

I purchased my craft mat November 2021 and have been using it ever since! It is the 18″x24″ size and chose the magnetic feature so that I can ink blend without breaking out other mats and magnets. I also purchased their magnets which comes in various colors, however I never had to use them!

It was an investment, more than I paid for my black media mat but I saved my pennies and finally pulled the trigger and BOY was I a happy crafty lady! It was packaged very well, wasn’t damaged and wow it is HEAVY! The size fit my craft table perfectly.

Glassboard Studio has 4 sizes to choose from ranging from 9" x 12" up to 24" x 36". 

The strength of this mat is so strong, it doesn’t shift at all and I’ve done all kinds of things on it like: watercoloring, heat embossing, ink blending with stencils, alcohol inking, I’ve die cut on it with my machines (ex., Sizzix Sidekick, Gemini Jr. & Spellbinders Platinum 6), and I’ve even cut fabric on it for my handmade earrings.

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It cleans up so easily, I’ve used regular liquid cleaner or alcohol and it is just beautiful! The mat is also heat resistant, so break out those heat guns!

This mat changed my crafty world

“I’m not trying to sound like a commercial :D; I’m just so excited to share this! If you’ve followed me for awhile then you probably know that I suffer with PTSD and nervous anxiety. I could go months without making anything simply because of depression and I’d lose my motivation. I never like when that happens and I noticed right that after I got this white glass mat, it changed my mood entirely. I was more inspired to craft and I couldn’t go a day anymore without doing some creative. I truly believe that color has a lot to do with how we feel. In my case, lighter colors are important for my recovery and that’s why I changed the decor of my craft space to neutrals.”

This week I became one of their affiliates, but I was sharing their mats before and I would still share even if I wasn’t an affiliate. That’s how much I believe in them and the quality of their mats. And, I’m ecstatic to share with you that the nice folks at Glassboard Studio have given me my own code for you that will save you 20% on a glass craft mat or anything off their website for yourself!

Click this link to purchase your glass craft mat and use my Code → KIMCARDS20 at checkout. Happy that my code will not expire either!!

And, by using my code, I’ll make a commission at no additional cost to you. Read my affiliate disclosure for more info. Your purchase will support my small business and Glassboard Studio as well!

Please do share this blog post and my Code with your friends too, that’s one of the things I love about our crafty community is how much we help and inspire each other! Glassboard Studio is such a wonderful company that cares about our crafty industry!

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