Hi, I’m Kim! Nice to meet you!

My crafty venture has gone through so many transformations over the past 10 years and even at times I’ve started all over again LOL! But, now I really LOVE the direction The Lord Jesus has me going. I’ve been a cardmaker for nearly four years and I’ve learned a lot (still have so much more to learn). I love to share the cards I make and review and recommend products that I use for creating.

My Career Background

I have always been a creator even when I worked corporate jobs. I work from home for a non-profit organization based in Florida (my day job!), co-own a business with my husband and craft as often as I can. I like to donate my cards to local and national charities and give away to friends which makes my heart really happy.

Craft Hobbyist to Business Owner

Kim’s Handcrafted Cards started as a business in 1999. And it was successful for a few years and then sales began to dwindle even before the pandemic. I changed the model to a hobby and closed down all my online shops for about a year. I love making cards but not selling them. It was in 2021 that I found that there was more value in sharing my creations and promoting the products I love to use and brands I shop with.

If you’re new to cardmaking, I hope you’ll find the information I share helpful. If you’re a seasoned crafter, you’ll find something useful too. One thing I love about this community is that everyone is supportive and extremely encouraging. I’ve met some wonderful crafty friends!

Paper Crafting and Other Crafts

Not only do I love to make regular cards, I love 3D paper projects too like making gift boxes, tags and bags. I also enjoy making shaped cards like my floating shadow box cards. Another love of mine is stitching. I’ve stitched on cardstock for cards before and now I’m so happy to introduce felt stitching to my crafty journey! I’ve started making felt ornaments and I have so many more ideas that I can make them fast enough!

The Important Stuff…

The opinions on my blog are my own and I only write and recommend products I own/use and love. I purchase 95% of all my supplies. A few of my papercrafting supplies were given to me by crafty friends or I won in a giveaway. I purchase all my fabric and fiber supplies. Also, I don’t work for any sponsors or brands nor do any companies send me free products. I’m also not on any design teams.

If you click to shop using my links, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. I appreciate your support as it helps me run my small business, purchase new supplies and therefore make more card creations, so thank you! More info in my Affiliate Disclosure Statement here.

A few of my Favorite Handmade Cards

When I had to give up yarning due to a shoulder injury, I thought my crafty journey had come to a swift end! Little did I know right?

Sometimes The Lord closes one door, not to make us sad but to open another door! Papercrafting/cardmaking soon filled that void in my heart and I love it as much as I did with crochet and knitting.

A few of my Felt Ornaments

My New LOVE! Bringing stitching into something that can be kept for generations!

These ornaments were all made from dies and using my die cutting machine that I absolutely love!

Hope you will enjoy coming here and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

  1. Hi Kim!!🩷

    I found your website through the comment you left on Nichol Spohrs felt needle book video. You caught my attention with your love of making books and cardmaking. I wanted to see what you made. Your work is beautiful and I love how you speak about Christ!!🩷 I highly recommend and encourage you to start posting videos on YouTube!!!

    I don’t comment much. But, felt that I should tell you.🥰

    I hope you have a relaxing and blessed evening!!

    Love in Yeshua!!!🩷 (Jesus in Hebrew)

    Stay True To God
    Living for God’s Glory!!
    Romans 12:1~2

    1. Hi Tracy!!! May I call you Sis? It is so sweet of you to visit my blog and leave such a beautiful comment. It made me cry (tears of joy). Thank you so much, I love creating and I really believe we have this gift from God to share. I thought about YT, believe me, I don’t have the set-up for it and hopefully we’ll be moving soon so my budget is really tight but I’ll give it more thought LOL! Do you have a blog? I’d love to visit you as well!! And, my bestie lives in Georgia and she goes to a synogague so she’s taught some Jewish words. She’s a Christian (not Messanic Jewish) but she observes many Messanic Jewish customs like Saturday Sabbath 🙂 So I’ll say Shalom my Sister! Love that Scripture also!

      Be blessed!

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