Before I became a cardmaker and paper crafter, I was a yarner! And, I still love everything about crochet and knitting. I learned to crochet when I was 12 years old. And, the funny part is I only learned one pattern at the time and that was how to make shawls. I made a boat load of them!

I quit for many years and when my hubby and I moved to Oregon and joined a local church, I went to the craft classes that the women’s ministry held and picked up the hooks once again. I was hooked!, no pun intended 😀

Every December, the women’s ministry held a bazaar where we made everything we sold to fund the ministry. I did this for 4 years straight making hundreds of things from hats, scarves to wardrobe items like sweaters and wraps.

In 2018, I injured my shoulder, arms and wrists and I had unfortunately give up the craft. I didn’t fully heal until 9 months and I wondered what would I do. I love to create with my hands. The director of the women’s ministry asked me to take over the greeting card ministry and at first I wasn’t sure but I felt a green light in my spirit to do it.

I ended watching tons of YT videos and a year later, I was a handmade cardmaker. This section of my blog, though, is dedicated to my love of yarn and the fabric it creates! I have hundreds of photos taken from when I ran my Etsy shop and so I’ve cataloged everything into separate categories on the next page. And, you can also click on any image for a larger view.

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