Products I’m lovin’ with Felt Stitching

Hi friends! Today’s post is all about the products I’m loving with felt stitching. I’ve recently started this craft however, I’ve stitched on cards before so it’s not new in that sense, it’s just that I’m working a new material…felt.

I’ve also been using a cotton thread for my stitching and it has improved my projects so let’s hop to it! I’ve categoried this post into sections so you can select the tabs below to jump to a particular section. First up is the felt I use.

I recommend 100% wool felt and this is because it’s usually soft yet thick enough to hold its shape and it doesn’t tear or fray easily. It can be a bit pricey so if you’re on a budget, maybe you can try a wool blend, this is what I’m using a lot of. It has a percentage of merino wool and rayon. Click here to learn more about the different types of felt.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of the links to the products I used are affiliate links which means that when you shop with them, I’ll receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Your support helps me run my small crafty business. Thank you so much!

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Threads & Needles


Products I'm lovin for my Felt Stitching

Like I mentioned, I’ve been stitching with cotton thread lately and I love the results. DMC is what I started out with and I still love and use it, but the problem was I typically like to stitch with 2 strands, nor more than 3 and DMC usually comes in 6 strands so I have to separate it and wind the rest on a bobbin before I can use it. That’s not a deal breaker, I’m just a lazy soul and sometimes I just want to pick up my thread, put it through my needle and start stitching! LOL!

So, I got introduced to Sulky of America’s Petite Cotton Threads. There’s an array of colors, I own about 18 of them and growing! I also don’t struggle with the thread constantly knotting up as I’m stitching and again I love the results of my projects.

I’ve linked to their threads below but also, I’ve got some links to other threads including DMC that I’ve bought as well. Hopefully, this will give you some other choices if you’re stitching or want to give it a try.


Products I'm lovin for my Felt Stitching

I like using DMC needles as well as tapestry needles. Reason being, with the tapestry needles, they have a blunt edge so not sharp whereas sewing needles, I’m always worried I’ll stick myself. That said, the DMC needles are your best bet when you are stitching on felt where you’re not using dies. The tapestry needle just won’t poke through the fabric very well or at all. I use the smallest size DMC needle to do all my stitching and for adding seed beads.

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Die Cutting

Die Cutting

As a paper crafter, I own 3 die cutting machines and they’re wonderful, however for fabrics and other materials, I needed a dedicated machine. I learned about the Crossover II by Crafter’s Edge from YT, made the investment and boy it was the BEST crafty product I could have bought!

Crafters Edge Crossover II Die Cutting Machine

This machine will cut fabric, wool, cork, paper, metal, cardboard, craft foam, faux leather and felt! Its dialing system allows you to add or reduce the pressure meant to cut through the different materials you can use.

Crafters Edge Crossover II Die Cutting Machine

I’m not a freehand stitcher so die cutting is essential for me! I can’t recommend this machine enough!

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Plush Die Sets

I own a few dies meant for stitching from some of the paper crafting companies I shop at. But, I added a link to Poshta Design, a company I’ve recently learned about. Her kits are incredible and are jam packed with goodies! Also, check out Stitchable Cards by Waffle Flower Crafts. These patterns are designed to be stitched on cardstock, but I bet they’ll also work on felt! They also offer free patterns too!

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Adhesives are essential when working with fabric, I’ve tried a bunch of different kinds for felt, ribbon and fabric materials all with mixed results. I am using Aleene’s Tacky Glue now and so far it is really working well. It dries fast and clear, you have to be careful when squeezing it on your project, I try not to squeeze hard and I move my hand in a circular motion.

The other adhesive is hot glue, gotta be careful with this however, it really is the best choice for many projects. I just am very careful and sometimes I wear gloves.


My last section of this my post and my favorite part of any craft project is the decorating! Adding beads to stitching not only makes the creation pretty, it’s so fun to do too! Just about any craft store sells seed beads but also check your local Dollar Tree, mine has an array of them and I grabbed as many as I could!

Also, I love pom poms! In fact, in high school I always wanted to join the Pom Pom cheerleading squad, I was too much of a fraidy cat to do it unfortunately, LOL! I recently purchased some pom pom trimming on AZ which is so cute to add to a project, in fact I have an upcoming project to share that I just finished stitching on an embroidery hoop!

Below are links to some embellishments you might like!

Well, that’s it for this post! I hope you found the info valuable. Let me know if you have any resources that I didn’t list, leave a comment below so we can all learn to make even more beautiful felt creations! Thanks for reading!

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