How Die Cutting Helps my PTSD

How Die Cutting Helps my PTSD

I’m sure you’ve read earlier posts about my struggles with PTSD but just in case you haven’t, in a nutshell I developed this paralyzing disease from a long-term trauma experience some years ago. That situation left me with an array of mental health challenges most being nervous anxiety to the point of suffering a nervous breakdown. Crafting is definitely one of many things I do to combat this.

Cardmaking has only been in my life close to 3 years, however it seems longer. I love everything about this hobby. I can choose the type of cards I like to make, purchase the supplies and tools that works for me and even bring my love of organizing into my craftroom.

One of my favorite things to do when I feel anxious is to break out some dies, various color cardstock papers, glue and use my Gemini Jr. or my Sizzix Sidekick die cutting machines to cut out flowers and leaves to make and organize them in my trays.

How Die Cutting Helps my PTSD

With my flowers and leaves all organized this way, they’re ready for add to future cards. I really love making these flower clusters and extras, I also from time to time with add a bit of color with my Copic markers.

I recently joined a Facebook group with other cardmakers and crafters and I noticed that a lot of these talented ladies also suffer from nervous anxiety and they have shared how much cardmaking has helped them too. It’s always nice to know you’re not alone suffering in this world.

And I’m not saying that God Himself isn’t enough, He is. But, that said we are not perfect beings. We have a sinful nature, a body that’s breaking down everyday and a carnal nature that is profoundly weak. There are times we need the help of doctors, medicines, natural remedies and yes hobbies. God knows this and is why we have these different methods of healing.

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If you happen to suffer with nervous anxiety, panic attacks, maybe you can try a hobby to help you. I’m not a doctor nor have any professional health background. I just did a lot of reading and tried crafting as an outlet which is working for me. I recommend you find what works for you. A hobby might be exactly what you need. And chances are, there maybe something you like to do and it doesn’t have to be crafting. But, whatever it is, try adding it to your regular routine.

No one should live everyday scared and panicky. And if your symptoms are severe or if you’ve had suicidal thoughts, I highly urge to seek professional help for that. I have been suicidal before and I know how debilitating that is and I did seek professional counseling for years after losing my 1st husband. And it really helped me to talk through my grief, anger and loss.

With cardmaking, I’ve recently started regularly donating my cards and that makes me feel useful. It gives me something to do for The Lord because a handmade card is just so wonderful to receive. There’s many people who are just barely hanging on and if I can encourage someone with a pretty “Thinking of you” card, it’s all worth the time, money and effort I spend doing this hobby.

How Die Cutting Helps my PTSD

This card made from some of my die cut flowers and some I die cut with pattern papers from my stash, isn’t this a beautiful card to receive?!

And now, I can call this hobby a calling and a ministry.

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