Sizzix Sidekick Manual Die Cutting Machine

To Use: The sandwich is pretty simple in order to use this machine, you typically put down in this order:
cutting plate
your cardstock paper
die with the cutting side face down
cutting plate

Then send this sandwich through the machine.

The sandwich for embossing is:
cutting plate
embossing folder with cardstock inside
embossing pad

NOTE: you may need to experiment when you get your machine if you have to adjust your sandwich when die cutting or embossing

Sizzix Sidekick Die Cutter

This little baby may be small but packs a big punch! I LOVE it for die cutting small dies and because it’s small, it doesn’t hurt my hands to use. It’s a great travel companion as well and it cuts so well.

It comes with 2 cutting plates, embossing pad, embossing folders, and some dies to get started!


  1. Great price point
  2. Cuts dies wonderfully
  3. Embosses as well
  4. Small and convenient
  5. Not too hard on the hands to use
  6. Magnetic bottom that locks in place and doesn’t shift as you use it
  7. Plates have not warped
  8. Embossing Pad is meant to be used on both sides


  1. Small so it won’t die cut larger dies
  2. Also works best with thinlet dies
  3. The embossing pad can wear out and need to be replaced

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