Pinkfresh Studio Layered Daisy Wreath Stencil Set

I haven’t been a big fan of layered stencils but the reason is not what you might think. I love them! My problem is if there’s more than 2 layers, I freak out! In the back of my mind, I’m always afraid I will get almost to the end of my card design and mess it up somehow.

I know that’s not a great mindset to have, I’m just a perfectionist and I absolutely CANNOT stand to make mistakes. I’m working on this but that’s another story LOL!

Anyway, as I mentioned in this post, I’m making a point of shopping my own crafty stash to make cards and so I flipped through my stencil book and came across this 5-layered stencil set I had from Pinkfresh Studio. YES 5 LAYERS! However, I can understand why I purchased it. It was because I wanted to make wreaths as I love them. So, I took a deep breath and broke out the set, however I got smart in how I used it!

Do things Slowly, take your time and enjoy the Journey.

This is something I don’t do well. I seem to be in a hurry all the time and I don’t take time to enjoy the process. I was determined to change that this time.

Work in Assembly Line Fashion.

I think when you have a bunch of layered stamps, dies or stencils, assembly line is the way to go. So I first made sure that my stencils were in the right order and for this set, there’s a number on each one so you know the order these will go.

I also used the hinge method most of us use with foiling so I taped down stencil #1 on the right side only. I colored that one and then applied stencil #2 lining it up and taping it on the left side only. For Stencil #3, I taped it just on the top and Stencil #4 just on the bottom. Stencil #5 was really easy, it’s just coloring in the centers of the 2 flowers so I didn’t need to tape it down. So, I would lift up stencil #1 when I was working #2, lifted up #1 and #2 while coloring over stencil #3 and repeated this for both cards and it worked like a charm!

Pinkfresh Studio Layered Wreath Stencils

I trimmed these panels down to 4″ x 5-1/4″ and I stamped the sentiment from Hero Arts “Heroscapes” Lavender Field stamp set. I thought this sentiment was perfect for the card design.

Couldn’t stop with a blue colored card (the colors for these flowers were Blue Jay and Sapphire), I had to make another!

Pinkfresh Studio Layered Wreath Stencils

I made a pink one too! Colors I used were Bubblegum and Lavender for the flowers. The leaves, I used Key Lime and for the centers, I used Espresso. These color combos are some of my favs!

Pinkfresh Studio Layered Wreath Stencils

I also topped both card with Pinkfresh Studio Jewel Mix, also something I’ve had a long time! It comes with all these assorted colors and these were perfect match for both cards.

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